Its time for Halloween costumes & Makeup!

In my opinion, you can never outgrow dressing up! Halloween’s almost here, so bring out your best costumes. If you’re still on the fence about what costume you’ll be wearing, why not try something different this year? Look fashionable on this spooktacular holiday! I’ve found an amazing example of a vamp lace dress you could dawn, perfect for Halloween.

With a pair of funky shoes, you’ll be all halloweened up in no time! Add on stockings or tights for that effortless chic look. Oh, and we all know that accessories make an outfit, so add all your gold and black jewelry and you’ll be sorted.

Onto the makeup… Go crazy! Its all about having fun. Do what you want, how you like. But just don’t end up looking like a drag queen! I know its Halloween and the scarier you look, the better, but just don’t overdo it. If you want to do scary makeup, go ALL the way, and put on a scary costume! Here’s an example of cool makeup:

Post by: Nalitye “Litchie”


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