7 Must-Try Holiday Manicures

Celebrate the holidays with 12 manicures that are even more adorable than Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Jessica Beil

Non-Campy Christmas Sweater

Recreate your favorite festive sweater on your nails with easy-to-use stencils.


Jessica Beil

Twist on a Classic

Switch up the classic red and green by pairing matte polish with shiny tips.

Get this artsy christmas tree by placing tape strips on the nail, painting a gold triangle and removing the tape.


Jessica Beil

The Stars of David

Celebrate Hanukkah with stars of David and blue coated tips.


Jessica Beil

Confetti, Not Glitter

Swap played-out glitter for confetti to bring in the New Year.


Jessica Beil

Try Golden Snowflakes

To get these perfect snowflakes, use nail decals or stamps.


Jessica Beil

Go Minty

Skip candy canes and play with candy mints instead. Place drops of red and white polish into a bowl of water, mix and dip your fingers in to create swirls of color.


Winter Wonderland

White Christmas

Use white and silver glitter polish to create a Winter Wonderland on your digits.


Post by: Izoldia ”Izzy”
Twitter: @IzzyGchick