Fashion trend: Contrast Collars ✞♡

I’ve realised that many girls tend to think that clothing with collars seem to make them look much older, which is absolutely WRONG! Not all collared clothing ages. The secret to looking youthful is wearing something with Contrast Collars. The difference in colour or texture between the piece of clothing and the collaar gives your look that timeless Classic chic look.
I put together a collage of a few cool clothing pieces with contrast collars! See for yourself; Ranging from dresses to shirts (both formal and informal), this type of clothing can be of any style you want. 🙂
Untitled #26

Floral tea dress

Lace dress
$48 –

Longsleeve dress

Forever New sleeveless top
$53 –

Little Mistress sleeveless collared blouse
$24 –

Crochet top
$27 –

Glamorous woven shirt
$24 –

Opening ceremony

Post by: Nalitye “Litchie”