10 Summer Hairstyle Ideas From Pinterest

Stay cool and chic with these braids, waves and ponytails that work for the beach and beyond. 

If you want to keep your hair out of your face, try one of these hairstyles from Pinterest.


  Photo: Pinned by madamerosenrot     
Instead of doing a braid this summer, try a twist , its easy and funky.




 Photo: Pinned by pmknoxville via knoxville.paulmitchell.edu

Lets go to the beach, each lets go get a  wave.. Who doesn’t want perfect beach waves like these for summer? Wrap your hair around a large curling wand and spray in a texturizing spray to give hair a fresh off the beach look. Finish by twisting two front pieces and securing in the back. perfect look on long hair and short hair too!

  Photo: Pinned by forevera1 via lovelydyedlocks.tumblr.com
Here we go with the French braids again , i love it! French braids will never go out of style! They’re great for summer, and a quick fix for bad hair days or even wet hair.

   Photo: Pinned by tracyjcruz via pophaircuts.com
talk about sophistication on another level, Try this ponytail on second day hair. Make a low, loose ponytail, and then split the hair above the elastic in half. Pull your ponytail through the opening, and you’re left with this sophisticated look.

  Photo: Pinned by dydoumenth
This style incorporates two trends — a sock bun and braids — into one perfect summer look. Secure hair into a ponytail and randomly braid small sections. Then, roll your hair into a sock bun and the braids will show through, how cool is this ? 

Fishtail braids

  Photo: Pinned by fabfashionfix via fabfashionfix.com
Two  fishtail pigtails ? Instead of one braid, try two and yes it looks good. Fishtail braids make pigtails look sophisticated.

Knot hairstyle

 Photo: Pinned by kristio via twistmepretty.com
This is smexy looking,  yes super smart and sexy looking 😉 , This woven knot gives a half-up hairstyle a nautical twist.

Ponytail with braid

 Photo: Pinned by madison02015
A sleek ponytail is sure to keep you cool. Wrap a small braid around the elastic to make the look more interesting.

Top knot with wrap

It’s all about the accessories, add some colour and blink whaetver it is, dont be afraid to give your hair a little pop of colour or blink! This bun wrap takes this look from simple to stylish in the blink of an eye.

Thank you so much , hope you loved this ideas and maybe found some inspiration too, we know we have not blogged in ages but thats about to change we back and will try to blog regulary , if you have certain topics you want us to get into or show some tips and ideas of something you want please do comment that and we will be glad to tackle that article !     
Litchie and Izzy xoxo 

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Bag ideas?

HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE Meredith wendell BAGS? I love every one of them! The designs are amazing and the colours are unbelievably great! Would you buy one of these? There’s a type for every occasion!
Bag ideas?
Here are links to the official website! 

Meredith Wendell neon bag

Meredith wendell

Meredith Wendell neon bag

Meredith Wendell zipper bag

Meredith wendell

Meredith wendell

Meredith wendell

Post by: Nalitye “Litchie”

Fashion trend: Contrast Collars ✞♡

I’ve realised that many girls tend to think that clothing with collars seem to make them look much older, which is absolutely WRONG! Not all collared clothing ages. The secret to looking youthful is wearing something with Contrast Collars. The difference in colour or texture between the piece of clothing and the collaar gives your look that timeless Classic chic look.
I put together a collage of a few cool clothing pieces with contrast collars! See for yourself; Ranging from dresses to shirts (both formal and informal), this type of clothing can be of any style you want. 🙂
Untitled #26

Floral tea dress

Lace dress
$48 – missguided.co.uk

Longsleeve dress

Forever New sleeveless top
$53 – forevernew.com.au

Little Mistress sleeveless collared blouse
$24 – bankfashion.co.uk

Crochet top
$27 – newlook.com

Glamorous woven shirt
$24 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Opening ceremony

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Halloween inspired Nail ideas!

Lets start your week and a half foray into Halloween nails! Ive collected a couple of my favourite quirky and easy to do incredible nail ideas!
Since it isn’t the 31st of October yet, start of with something a little bit different from your typical ghost and spider web nail designs. Try these out:

Choose your colours carefully! Make sure they dont clash with whatever you plan on wearing! Feel free to tweet me(@SoLitchie) pictures of your Halloween nails! I’d love to see them. xx. I’ll be watching.
Get it? Watching you? The eyeballs? hahaha

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Its time for Halloween costumes & Makeup!

In my opinion, you can never outgrow dressing up! Halloween’s almost here, so bring out your best costumes. If you’re still on the fence about what costume you’ll be wearing, why not try something different this year? Look fashionable on this spooktacular holiday! I’ve found an amazing example of a vamp lace dress you could dawn, perfect for Halloween.

With a pair of funky shoes, you’ll be all halloweened up in no time! Add on stockings or tights for that effortless chic look. Oh, and we all know that accessories make an outfit, so add all your gold and black jewelry and you’ll be sorted.

Onto the makeup… Go crazy! Its all about having fun. Do what you want, how you like. But just don’t end up looking like a drag queen! I know its Halloween and the scarier you look, the better, but just don’t overdo it. If you want to do scary makeup, go ALL the way, and put on a scary costume! Here’s an example of cool makeup:

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